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In the News "So why do all these American reporters, who know quite well that they get praise and money for doing what Assange has done, stand in a silence that can only be called cowardly, while a fellow publisher faces threats of extradition, banning, prosecution for spying - which can incur the death penalty - and calls for his assassination? [...] U.S. journalism's business model is collapsing; the people who should be out in front defending Assange are facing cut salaries or unemployment because of the medium that Assange represents. These journalists are not willing to concede that Assange is, of course, a publisher, rather than some sort of hybrid terrorist blogger, because of their self-interested prejudices against a medium in which they are not the gatekeepers." Great article - focussing on the US, but just as applicable in the rest of the world (except the great nation of Iceland, obviously). The internet could very well become the single most important 'invention' in human history. We must stand guard against our governments getting their filthy, inefficient, censoring, controlling, and damaging hands on it.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 8th Feb 2011 14:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by LighthouseJ"
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Lastly, of course the US has invasion plans to a lot of countries, but that's what you do with a massive defense budget. I think it's done more of an exercise so the US can think as devious as any other country that might want to invade the US.

It's more than plans actually. It's a law. Ever heard of the The Hague Invasion Act?

Can you blame me for mistrusting a nation that has a law which orders them to invade my own country (a supposed ally) if the International Criminal Court - a widely recognised UN body - were to ever hold an American soldier? Until said act is repealed, I, as a Dutch citizen, have every reason to consider the US government a threat to the sovereignty and safety of my own country.

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Ever heard of the Kellogg-Briand Pact? Unless the Netherlands attacks the US, I'm pretty sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Savor the taste of my double irony, sir.

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You mean the pact that the US (and other signatories) has already violated countless times, both indirectly as well as directly?

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