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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Here's some very interesting analysis of why dropping Symbian or MeeGo for Android or Windows Phone 7 would be the closest thing to brand suicide which Nokia could do now.
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Wrong in the long run ...
by -pekr- on Wed 9th Feb 2011 20:00 UTC
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This guy seems to be wrong in the long run. Every sany person should realise Symbian is relic of the past. He is right there is still a need for dumb phones, but - the time will come, when HW for such a dumb phones is powerfull enough to run for e.g. Android. Then you can make the UI dumb, but still underneath, you can use just one infrastructure.

The MeeGo is DOA (Dead on Arrival) imo. Not sure it will win any significant position. And even for Nokia, it is a problem, if you will not be able to share apps between Symbian and MeeGo. MS abandoned WinMobile 6.x too, but MS is offering its OS to other partners, who further push it on their HW. But how many chances are there for Nokia-only + MeeGo? How many of other HW parteners will be interested to launch a MeeGo based smartphone?

Nokia is still dominant. It is dominant via the market-share, but not dominant in ppl's mind. There is transition ongoing towards modern touch-based devices, and if Nokia does not wake-up soon enough, it'll start to die off sooner or later, of course - IMO ...

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RE: Wrong in the long run ...
by shmerl on Wed 9th Feb 2011 21:19 in reply to "Wrong in the long run ..."
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In what sense Meego is DOA? It's better than Android from technical perspective, and way better than iOS because it's open. In reality Meego is the only path for Nokia to succeed.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Why is Meego better than Android from a technical perspective?

Its easy to just state one's own preference and imply that its globally true for everyone, but that usually isn't the case. Mobile phone buyers really only care about the features ( including app availability), performance and carrier availability of the phone. If Meego is to succeed ( and I really do want it to), its going to have to win on those merits.

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In what sense Meego is DOA?

Number of Meego devices shipped to consumers last year?

Number of Meego devices currently available for purchase?

Number of Meego devices expected to launch this year?

I can count all of the above on my hands, and still have a hand left over.

Sounds DoA to me.

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RE: Wrong in the long run ...
by puelocesar on Wed 9th Feb 2011 22:56 in reply to "Wrong in the long run ..."
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Except for the fact that mostly nerds want feature phones. Some people just want to make calls. No need of Safari for that.

Just look at this amazing concept from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design:

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RE: Wrong in the long run ...
by dsmogor on Thu 10th Feb 2011 14:01 in reply to "Wrong in the long run ..."
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Nokia still sells more smartphones that two its bigges competitors combined, so sure it's capable of pulling something off alone as much as Apple and Samsung have demonstrated they are.

The only question is whether they could make Meego compelling enough. Making it able to run Android apps (definately technically possible) wouldn't hurt and in market of app producers used to supporting minor platform variations would work given enough handsets initially shipped.

Also note that Meego is potentially much better platform for native apps than Android (for which native support is limited and an afterthought).

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RE[2]: Wrong in the long run ...
by _txf_ on Thu 10th Feb 2011 14:35 in reply to "RE: Wrong in the long run ..."
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It also should be noted that fullscreen games can run on meego and webos with very little/no modification due to the use of proper libc and sdl.

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