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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Speaking of Nokia - Engadget got their hands on what is supposedly an internal memo sent to Nokia employees by the company's new CEO. It's... Brutal. As in, brutally honest. There's no sugar-coating here, no unicorns, no glitter. "Nokia, our platform is burning." Update: Android is probably out of the question. Will it be Windows Phone 7, after all? Damn; Palm tonight, Nokia Friday - what a week for mobile! Update: The "Communities Dominate Brands" blog published an in-depth analysis of the memo, which claims with sound arguments that it might well be a hoax.
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RE[7]: ... - common users
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 9th Feb 2011 20:49 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: ... - common users"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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I think you are right about the front and rear cameras, it may have been the first.

I wasn't saying it was a bad phone, its just wasn't light years ahead of anything out there, and it was behind in several areas as well as you pointed out.

It didn't capture the imagination of the casual user when released, and they haven't released any other phone like it since.

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RE[8]: ... - common users
by jabbotts on Thu 10th Feb 2011 19:42 in reply to "RE[7]: ... - common users"
jabbotts Member since:

"too nerdy" was our regular Nokia staffer's theory when I asked in a past discussion. (think my words where "how did Nokia not eat the mobile market alive with this device?" and it was really the next evolutionary step in the N770/800/810 line.

Tech moves pretty fast too. I honestly cant' clearly remember what the contemporary phones where at N900 launch.

I just hope Nokia can get straitened out and shipping an N910 or whatever soon. I'm really not seeing other less flawed options yet.

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RE[8]: ... - common users
by aliquis on Fri 11th Feb 2011 02:26 in reply to "RE[7]: ... - common users"
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The first with front and rear cameras?

I have no idea when the N900 was released but no, just no.

There has been plenty of 3G phones with that.

Don't ask me why the iPhone didn't had it. But then it doesn't/didn't do video calls over 3G, had a GPS, had third-party application support, did MMS and so on either ...

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