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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Here's some very interesting analysis of why dropping Symbian or MeeGo for Android or Windows Phone 7 would be the closest thing to brand suicide which Nokia could do now.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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Why is Meego better than Android from a technical perspective?

Its easy to just state one's own preference and imply that its globally true for everyone, but that usually isn't the case. Mobile phone buyers really only care about the features ( including app availability), performance and carrier availability of the phone. If Meego is to succeed ( and I really do want it to), its going to have to win on those merits.

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shmerl Member since:

Simple - it gives broader choice for developers, and thus it's better. Android's model is more limited by default. It's not just preference - it's how these systems are designed.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

You have a very narrow definition of "technical perspective".

By that definition a phone running redhat linux 1.0 with a command line interface, lynx as a web browser and only gprs data access would be better than android, from a "technical perspective".

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_txf_ Member since:

And to add that it could encourage a greater developer ecosystem within Meego itself. Android gets seriously irritating with random code dumps every release, Meego uses a proper open source development methodology. For end users it probably makes little difference, but outside contributors can accelerate development of features that inhouse developers do not have time to tackle, the end result being more features and fewer bugs. The code dump is one of the reasons Android in devices lags Android code releases so severely.

Google does not accept patches to its applications or to android (even when they are major improvements) and the linux kernel in android is also got some heavy modifications that are not going upstream because upstream does not accept many of the changes google has made; I don't know which side is more technically correct, but Meego uses the sources and contributes directly upstream in all its components.

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nt_jerkface Member since:

Consumers don't care about developer advantages.

MeeGo to consumers would look like Android but without the software library.

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puelocesar Member since:

I don't know you guys, but I prefer 1000x to work on Qt QML, Ruby, Python, and other nice stuff then that fuckin Java that Android forces into it's developers..

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_xmv Member since:

Why is Meego better than Android from a technical perspective?

Better is relative, however, Meego behaves more like a traditional OS, which is much more complete than Android.

Running non-android (read java bytecode) on Android is rather annoying.
Beside Android uses a weird security model (uids per app, modified kernel capabilities) AND the way it works is by.. forking new java VM's.

That's hackish at best. It works - that's fine.

But from my point of view I'd rather use Meego with a traditional model, as a poweruser/developer/etc that is. Non-traditional does not always mean "innovative and better".

Besides, Android does not have hardware accelerated UI.

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