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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Speaking of Nokia - Engadget got their hands on what is supposedly an internal memo sent to Nokia employees by the company's new CEO. It's... Brutal. As in, brutally honest. There's no sugar-coating here, no unicorns, no glitter. "Nokia, our platform is burning." Update: Android is probably out of the question. Will it be Windows Phone 7, after all? Damn; Palm tonight, Nokia Friday - what a week for mobile! Update: The "Communities Dominate Brands" blog published an in-depth analysis of the memo, which claims with sound arguments that it might well be a hoax.
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10 models?!
by 3rdalbum on Thu 10th Feb 2011 00:45 UTC
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"I think Nokia have to :
- stop building a new model every week and concentrate on, say, 10 models "

As many as ten? Let's see what they need:

1. Basic phone; let's make this a dual-sim phone because Nokia already makes a basic dual-sim phone. Only really makes phone calls and does SMS.

2. Feature phone. Touch with keyboard, basic browser, basic camera. For people who don't demand much from their phone but would like to take photos and listen to MP3s. Similar to N97 Mini (I think that's what it's called) or the C6. Could run Symbian.

3. Mid-level smartphone, similar to HTC Legend.

4. High-end smartphone with all the mod-cons - touch with hardware keyboard, front-and-rear cameras, dual-core CPU and a GPU, HDMI output; essentially top-of-the-range.

The two smartphones would need to run a proper up-to-date smartphone operating system.

Any more phones just dilutes manpower and stops Nokia from developing that up-to-date smartphone operating system. It's also very confusing for consumers to be faced with so many choices. Especially with Nokia's current 25 different models.

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