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Apple "A new report suggests that Apple may be planning to eliminate retail boxed software from its Apple Stores, instead focusing on promoting the Mac App Store for software sales. This is indeed a trend that Apple has been pushing for a while, but not all the software that Apple sells would necessarily be a great fit for pure digital distribution."
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by kaiwai on Sun 13th Feb 2011 13:37 UTC
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Yay, and the anti-Apple hate mongers come out of the wood works to once again to further their agenda (what ever that maybe). To try and claim that Apple is locking down the systems they sell simply ignore the flexibility of a computer over a single purpose device but more importantly ignores the fact that there are a whole heap of restrictions that excludes many useful applications from ever being sold through the AppStore (look up the restrictions, I'm not in the mood to list them all).

The AppStore will eventually win developers over because it is a sure way to fight piracy and for me given how easy it is to buy applications rather than going through the rigamarole of a traditional 'cart' option websites provides means that I'm more inclined to spend more money; so far I've spent NZ$134 so far - money I wouldn't have probably spent had it not been for an easy way to purchase software. The biggest buzz? the fact I can install it on up to 5 computers for personal use - if there was ever the biggest royal screw job out there it is vendors who, for a single end user, demand that they must purchase a copy for each computer they use - there is one of me but I have two computers why should I pay twice for an application I can only use on one computer at any one time?

Oh well, back on topic, I love the AppStore - but as the old saying goes "haters are going to hate".

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