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Qt With the news that Nokia is choosing Windows Phone 7 as its main smart phone platform, there has been some doubts concerning its commitment towards Qt and Meego. On the QT blog, Nokia's Director of Qt ecosystem discusses its future. Nokia re-affirms it's committed to Qt, and also says it will be launching a Meego device later this year. Nokia after all is not the only company with an interest in this platform and tablets from other companies like Fujitsu is already starting to emerge.
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Denial, its not just a river in Egypt
by Praxis on Tue 15th Feb 2011 00:04 UTC
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I know that Qt devs are going to try to put the best possible spin but the long term future of Qt does not look good. They may not have killed Qt today, but they did beat it up and drag it down to the basement, where they will let it slowly starve.

The only big product line they have that will use Qt is Symbian. But they announced that Symbian will be phased out as quickly as possible for wp7. And then Qt will be left without a mobile platform. So any mobile developer using Qt will have to switch eventually. So if your gonna have to switch eventually anyway it will be hard to convince many new devs to spend much time investing in Qt to begin with. There is meego I guess, but its not getting any significant dev effort, devices, or marketing push. A niche player at best if they don't just decide to kill it outright down the road. And if they don't have any devices using Qt, why will they spend good money to hire devs to hack on it. So Qt for mobile tombstone is being carved as we speak.

But Qt runs on more than mobile you may say, What about the desktop, surely it has a bright future there. Its too nice of a toolkit to die. Well that may be true, but Nokia doesn't have much incentive to put money into a desktop toolkit. Qt may survive, it is LGPL and open source. But its days of having a strong corporate backer in Nokia are numbered. And loosing that is certain to hurt Qt quite a bit.

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Hehe. Try telling it to developers of Skype, VirtualBox, Opera and many others ;)

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Don't be surprised to see them switching to other toolkits before the year is out.

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Qt is most notably used in Autodesk [7][8], Google Earth, KDE, Adobe Photoshop Album, the European Space Agency [9], OPIE, Skype, VLC media player [10], Samsung [11], Philips [12], Panasonic [13] and VirtualBox.


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There is meego I guess, but its not getting any significant dev effort, devices

You should see Intel

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