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Qt With the news that Nokia is choosing Windows Phone 7 as its main smart phone platform, there has been some doubts concerning its commitment towards Qt and Meego. On the QT blog, Nokia's Director of Qt ecosystem discusses its future. Nokia re-affirms it's committed to Qt, and also says it will be launching a Meego device later this year. Nokia after all is not the only company with an interest in this platform and tablets from other companies like Fujitsu is already starting to emerge.
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Hehe. Try telling it to developers of Skype, VirtualBox, Opera and many others ;)

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Don't be surprised to see them switching to other toolkits before the year is out.

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Don't be surprised to see them switching to other toolkits before the year is out.

eh, I don't see a mass exodus from Qt for desktop apps yet. Rewrites are expensive and time consuming and if it works now why go through that. The open source community should be able to maintain Qt at least and do some development. But we probably won't see anything like the pace of development we have seen recently.

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Qt is most notably used in Autodesk [7][8], Google Earth, KDE, Adobe Photoshop Album, the European Space Agency [9], OPIE, Skype, VLC media player [10], Samsung [11], Philips [12], Panasonic [13] and VirtualBox.


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