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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The name Snapdragon is fast becoming well-known among consumers as the chip to have inside your smartphone. Offering speeds of up to 1.5GHz at the moment, it's certainly one of the fastest mobile chips out there. Qualcomm doesn't want the reputation of Snapdragon to falter, though, so the chip manufacturer has just announced an update that will have smartphone and tablet users drooling. The next iteration of the Snapdragon processor line is codenamed Krait and uses 28nm manufacturing technology. It will be offered in single, dual, and quad-core versions with clock speeds up to 2.5GHz. If the huge increase in performance wasn’t enough for you, Qualcomm also boast a 65% reduction in power use over existing mobile ARM chips."
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4 cores 2.5GHZ depending on how fast the prices fall that could push the next cheap netbook/sub-notebook price war.

This would be particularly dangerous for Microsoft while porting Windows would be trivial the third party stuff would take some time. This of course could open the door for Linux to make another attempt to push into the consumer computing space.

I await my cheap snapdragon Linux sub-notebook.

Although Microsoft has announced Windows for ARM, so far it is just an announcement. Vapourware.

If you want a 2.5GHZ quad-core snapdragon processor in your next next netbook/sub-notebook, right now you will have to have Linux in some form or another, either Ubuntu or Android most likely.

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Although Microsoft has announced Windows for ARM, so far it is just an announcement. Vapourware.

Not quite. They have demoed a working system on stage, too. See for example (it gets interesting after 1:00)

Sure, that's not a shipping product, but it's much more than a mere announcement.

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They have demoed it running on a system on a chip ...

Pro Linux, Anti Microsoft crap again.

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Actually, Windows on Arm has been demoed, but this quadcore 2.5 is just a paper announced. I think you are misrepresenting which product is vapourware

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