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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A lot of people are wondering why Nokia didn't choose to go with Android. How can Nokia differentiate themselves when Android is a lot more open and free than Windows Phone 7? As usual, the key to this is in the details. If you read the announcements carefully, you'll see that Microsoft offered Nokia something Google most likely didn't. Update: What a surprise. Elop just confirmed Nokia has a special deal with Microsoft. Whereas HTC, Samsung, and so on are not allowed to customise WP7 - Nokia is, further confirming my theory.
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RE[6]: Long-time Nokia user here
by Neolander on Tue 15th Feb 2011 12:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Long-time Nokia user here"
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I must correct this : Blackberry OS also works on mid-end hardware, AFAIK ;)

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I must correct this : Blackberry OS also works on mid-end hardware, AFAIK ;)

True, but I doubt blackberry would ever market to the low end or not add a markup due to their infrastructure. So the OS is low end and Hardware is low end but that does not directly translate into low end (possibly one of the reasons BB is failing).

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Heh ;) Current BB phones are mid-end slowly turning to the low end as BBOS becomes increasingly outdated, they just don't admit it publicly yet.

Though the acquisition of QNX makes it sound like they are aware of the problem. I don't know if this is going to work out, but if so it could make Blackberry a big player again.

For this to happen, they really should stop going Sony and putting silly restrictions on great products, though... Seen their latest "you need a blackberry phone to use all the functions of your shiny QNX tablet" ? I understand the intent, but they're simply not enough of a major player to play this game anymore.

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