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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "While Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has steered the company into a Microsoft future, not everyone is happy about it. Workers have walked out in Finland, and now a group of shareholders is planning a new strategy called "Nokia Plan B". The new plan has been formulated by a group of young Nokia shareholders who all have experience working for the company. None of them are happy with the decision to embrace Microsoft, and all of them plan to challenge the decision and strategy going forward."
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And what company has ever relied on Microsoft and succeeded?

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And what company has ever relied on Microsoft and succeeded?

Dell, HP, HTC, and just about every other OEM. Thousands of businesses all around the world using Microsoft technologies, to name but a few.

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Dell, HP, HTC

Three manufacturers who chose other mobile OS (android or WebOS).

(HTC was likely coerced into making a Win7phone handset after being sued by Microsoft for software patents over android.)

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Shall we add Sendo, Motorola and Nortel to the list of successful partnerships?
(It reminds me that when I see in an advertisement the word 'bargain', I always wonders for whom...)

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Dell. HP. Compaq. Acer. Asus. MSI. Toshiba. Sony etc

Hundreds of thousands of whitebox makers.

Thousands of OEM manufacturers.

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