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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Manu Sporny, founder and CEO of Digital Bazaar, has decided to use GitHub to store a project of a[n unusual] nature. Rather than a piece of software, he is listing his own genetic data as an open source project. He has released all his rights to the data and made around 1 million of his genetic markers public domain."
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Comment by OSbunny
by OSbunny on Tue 15th Feb 2011 15:23 UTC
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He does have a serious reason for releasing this data. He wants to encourage the development of "good Open Source software for genomics research".

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RE: Comment by OSbunny
by sbergman27 on Tue 15th Feb 2011 19:56 in reply to "Comment by OSbunny"
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Seems to me that releasing your genetic data to the public is opening yourself up for a future grief. All of us have genes, or combinations, which may or may not increase our susceptibility to various horrible ends. And the pool of things which we *don't* know for sure about genetic risk is far larger than the pool of things which we *are* sure about. Which doesn't dissuade the armchair experts from chipping in "what they know". There are plenty of people out there with just enough knowledge to point you to "evidence" that a few of your gene sequences make you an Alzheimer's candidate.

Of course, each claim is just one small study. Or perhaps they just "heard it from a credible source".

You know that it doesn't mean a thing. But still, you can't help but wonder. No. This is silly!

But then, before you know it, you're in your 40s. (Like me.) And it seems to you that you are forgetting things more often. You're really not, of course. But there's a lot more to have forgotten now. All the way back to your first pet... which seems like only yesterday... but how long was his tail? Was it bobbed? Or not? Am I confusing Dannyboy with Hattie? And where did I put my reading glasses, anyway? (Can't believe I need those, already!)

And still... you remember those emails from long ago about those questionable genes. Could it be? No. That's just silly. Right?

And then you get to be in your 50s, and...

You get the picture.

I've not had my genome taken. And I don't intend to. For the same reason, I've never done tatoos. You just don't know how its going to turn out 10 to 30 years from now.

Sometimes, ignorance allows for a higher quality life, even if the data *might* (or might not) have had a chance of extending the duration.

I guess I take a proactive approach to "fear spam".


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RE[2]: Comment by OSbunny
by Soulbender on Wed 16th Feb 2011 19:06 in reply to "RE: Comment by OSbunny"
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Starting to post on osnews again is a sure sign of senility, my good man.

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