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Linux I'm uncertain what Linux distro they were using before but today's release of version is free to use on Intel Atom based systems. It would be nice if they distributed an image that doesn't require Windows to install but their target market appears to be Windows devices that include Slashtop OS as an alternate boot option in order to get online faster.
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Re: Still don't get it
by garyd on Wed 16th Feb 2011 04:02 UTC in reply to "Still don't get it"
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I no sooner fire up Splashtop then try to browse a web page and find out that it won't render properly, or that I can't view that video, or that I need to edit a document... at which point, I just have to fire up my main os anyway. Device manufacturers need to get smart about this.

The idea behind MeeGo is that it's up to systems integrators to license codecs, non-free applications, etc. So if these don't function as you would hope then you might want to pass your feedback along to Splashtop, Inc. I've actually found that the MeeGo netbook distribution by itself comes with a pretty slim base install and even the package repository doesn't have everything I might use on a regular basis. For example, I had to compile rdesktop which is GPL licensed but I couldn't guess as to why it's not in the package repo. Getting a fully functional dev environment takes a bit of work as well...

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