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Google "Hot on the heels of Apple's subscription service announcement, Google has lifted the curtain on its own offering that will allow publishers to set a price for recurring content delivered via your Google login. The payment system is called 'One Pass', and it allows publishers to offer not only subscriptions, but also metered access, 'freemium' content, and even individual articles. So far, One Pass seems more flexible than Apple's offering, and the company will likely take a much smaller cut from publishers than Apple will."
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Yeah...I BET it's flexible!
by FrankenFuss on Wed 16th Feb 2011 21:21 UTC
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At least you can say one thing for Apple's system...they are giving the user the option to opt-out of having these publishers get their info then turn around and sell it (which has been something publishers have been doing for decades and it's the real reason they are upset with Apple).

I wonder if Google will give users this choice? I suspect they won't.

UPDATE: Yep...Google is giving the info away!

The difference is subtle but important. In Apple's system, the user has to opt-in to give the publishers their info...Google's system defaults to giving the publishers info so users have to explicitly opt-out.

Good ole Google!

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What is the big problem with making sure advertising is targeted instead of random?

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What is the big problem with making sure advertising is targeted instead of random? about the option of not having my information sold to third parties if I don't wish to? What about my right to control some aspects of the info I want released online? I'd thought you'd be all for that..but then, I remembered, Google is for releasing whatever Google does is good by you.

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