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Games You'd almost forget it, but a few weeks ago, the Playstation 3 was hacked wide open - like a pristine cave deep in the world of Minecraft. This has let out all sorts of nasties, and now Sony is trying to clean up the mess. For once, I'm in full agreement with their position.
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RE: Bringing back OtherOS
by robojerk on Thu 17th Feb 2011 00:38 UTC in reply to "Bringing back OtherOS"
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I haven't looked at the hacked firmware yet to see if anything else besides OtherOS and Piracy have been added. If those are the only 2 features added by hacking then bringing OtherOS back would make it so only the people you want to ban would get banned, plus make us that lost a feature be happy.

I always thought Sony should just release SDK to build custom apps for the PS3, and have some app store available. It would allow better browsers, indie games, streaming apps (Hulu, Amazon VOD).

If they wanted to stop supporting development on OtherOS they could just announce that no more updates on that feature would ever be released (but keep it on the system), and hopefully someone (or a big company like vmware) could write a new virtual machine for the system using the hypothetical SDK.

I think Sony has treated PS3 owners pretty badly since launch. They've removed features, been slow about adding new features.

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