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Linux A new open source project hopes to take Android and change it so it has a clean-room OpenJDK-based Java VM and will be based on what they refer to as a more standard Linux kernel. Meanwhile, rumor has it that RIM is considering using somebody's Java VM to run Android apps, but it won't be Dalvik.
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Not sure it is Android
by Beta on Thu 17th Feb 2011 19:59 UTC
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Android runs code compiled into Dalvik bytecode.

If you compile Android SDK into proper Java bytecode, neither will be able to run each others code.

It’s a sensible idea, but whose to say Oracle wont have further issues down the line with people using their OpenJDK :/

As a Java developer, Oracle (and Sun) really haven’t done the best for the platform.

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RE: Not sure it is Android
by JAlexoid on Thu 17th Feb 2011 21:44 in reply to "Not sure it is Android"
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You can transform DEX back into proper JVM bytecode. Since DEX is a hyper optimized .class file container.

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