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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So the writing is on the wall. In a very bold move, Nokia's new CEO, Stephen Elop, has decided to fully ditch Nokia's migration plan for the past few years and have the company embrace his former employer's operating system, Windows Phone 7, instead. This noticeably implied getting rid of two competitors, Symbian and the upcoming MeeGo, which were both put on the road to slow death. This article aims at saying goodbye to an old citizen of the mobile space who's now heading to its grave: Symbian. (Warning: Rant ahead)
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Sounds like you need to try webOS
by Moochman on Thu 17th Feb 2011 21:50 UTC
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I just have one thing to say to you: Try a webOS phone. Not only is the "start-typing-to-find-something" ("Just Type") one of its key features, but it also shows you notifications at the bottom of the screen regarding any kind of incoming communication--missed phone calls, SMSes, chat messages, e-mails, Facebook messages and (in the coming 2.1 version) Twitter. Tap on the notification, and the relevant app opens. Or flick the notification to the side and it stops bothering you. How's that for communication-savvy? Also, there's no need to go hunting for your communication apps in a big menu--you can just leave them all running in the background and flip through the cards to find what you're looking for. Not to mention, even if the cards are all closed, you still don't need to open a specific app to start an action--just start typing the name of the person and you get a list of options of ways of contacting them. Oh yeah, that works because the phone is smart enough to recognize the same person across services ("Synergy")....

Speaking as someone who used to have a Symbian phone, webOS is *way* better.

Btw, this article was a fun read and a great eulogy for a great OS. I still have the utmost respect for Symbian (and EPOC before it) as a pioneer in the field of powerful portable devices. It's sad to see it go, but somehow, it's also time...

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Why not ;) As soon as HP start to sell an unlocked mid-end (< 300€) device lasting reasonably long on battery in my country, I could be very interested in WebOS.

At the moment, the "unlocked", "mid-end" and "battery" side of the WebOS ecosystem (at least the part available here) seem to be a bit lacking, sadly. Hope this is to change in the future.

In meantime, I'm also interested in having a look at samsung's bada offerings. Sounds like the closest thing to a Symbian successor in the mid-end market so far, and it comes with a nice notification system and better integration of various means of communication. This comes with a cost, though, noticeably an AppStore-like app distribution policy... But well, I'm going to write an article on that anyway once I've gathered enough info on the subject ^^

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Well, depending on the price and availability of the Pre 3 whenever it comes out, I might just be looking to sell my unlocked Pre 2 for around 200€ at that time.... ;) ...battery life is around 2 days if you don't do much with it, one day if you do a lot of web-based stuff ;) .

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