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RE[6]: I like WP7
by lucas_maximus on Thu 17th Feb 2011 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I like WP7"
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You don't get just tied to the framework (which is to be expected since you get used to it, learn it's quirks and build your workflow around it) but to an OS that happens to be developed by the very same dev of the framework.

You do this in any language and OS ... I work very differently when I was working using a Linux with the LAMP stack, to using Windows with Appserv (WAMP basically) installed. With Linux I very much relied on using VIM in a terminal ... and in Windows I used editplus and graphical mysql client.

It is a non-issue. A good dev is always a good dev ... the best Dev I knew sat one of Designers computer and didn't know anything about Flash and its scripting ... and within half and hour had solved the problem and finished the website for the designer.

Similarly every friday I get called from email marketing ... I know nothing about their email campaign software or how to do HTML emails ... however using my existing web dev skills I was able to solve their problem ... in about 10 minutes, it is usually dreamweaver putting in crap markup.

Visual Studio's and .NET benefits far outweight the fact that it is Windows only ... it is nice being here, I can develop with ease for Web, Desktop, Phone, Xbox and some embedded devices (like netduino) without having to spend a lot of time learning new concepts ... If the worst comes to the worst ... I have good OO skills and database skills and I can transition if the job market in my area changes.

I am not against other frameworks, languages etc ... they all bring ideas to the table and generally get absorbed into other frameworks and languages ... i.e. ASP.NET MVC is basically Ruby on Rails ... I love it ... I cringe when Writing ASP.NET web forms.

I am not against other OSes (I buy my OpenBSD CDs and T-shirts etc, I also have a paid for copy of Redhat 9) ... what I don't like is people not looking realistically and pragmatically at a platform/framework/language/hardware.

My personal website is LAMP based because that was the cheapest hosting and I only needed 4 pages with realtively simple scripting ...

My price comparison site I am building is a ASP.NET webforms beast ... with a WCF webservice ... because I have good debugging in VS and I knew Webforms when I started writing it.

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