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Apple "This is partly a story about a company called Apple Computer. It's also partly a story about a fancy new iPod that plays videos as well as music and that could dramatically change the way people entertain themselves. But it's mostly a story about new things and where they come from, about which there are a few popular misconceptions."
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by korpenkraxar on Mon 17th Oct 2005 17:32 UTC
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"Apple makes its own hardware (iBooks and iMacs), it makes the operating system that runs on that hardware (Mac OS X), and it makes programs that run on that operating system (iTunes, iMovie, Safari Web browser, etc.). It also makes the consumer-electronics."

"If you smooshed together Microsoft, Dell and Sony into one company, you would have something like the diversity of the Apple technological biosphere."

Ok, I do not want to ruin the show here, but I think this courting of Jobs is too uncritical. How much of the Mac hardware has Apple actually developed lately? In terms of chip design, memory management for instance. And how much have they relied on companies like Motorola and IBM to get things going? I think it is more fair to say that they very strictly specify and configure the hardware platform on which their products operate, for better and worse. I can admit that they seem to bring some new and interesting features to their OS, but again, remember that it is a Mach microkernel and BSD UNIX system under the hood (not exactly revolutionary stuff). I do not know to what extent their iPackages are their own products written from scratch, but at least Safari has a LOT to thank KHTML and Konqueror for.

Furthermore, IF we lumped together Microsoft, Dell and Sony we would get a much more diverse and company. Of all the companies mentioned here, Sony is clearly the leader in developing consumer-electronics. Dell produces printers, cameras, projectors, desktop and laptop computers and what have you. And Microsoft, well, lets say they make nice keyboards :-)

My point is that maybe Apple have been better than the competition to bring a variety of IT technologies under one logo, but these technologies and concepts themselves are hardly unique.

I have a great, stable, powerful and easily administrated OS on my machine. Debian GNU/Linux.

I have a perfectly customized desktop environment with which I interact with my computer. KDE and Fluxbox.

I can connect my camera to my MP3 player and watch videos on it as well, and that player can play a great variety of audio formats. iRiver H320.

These things above are so well integrated that I do not even need to rely on special harware or sofware to get them interact.

It's all about choice and preferences I guess, but do not buy Apple stock because you think that ONLY THEY can be innovative...

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Very fair points.

Perhaps you are a little optimistic about the integration of Linux distros, but yes, spot on about the extreme over-estimates of Apple's innovation.

You are right too about Sony, that is a stream of innovation over many years, a real track record of performance. Apple has nothing like this to show.

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