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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The man, the legend: a main developer of the BeOS. Did the App Server, Interface Kit, Application Kit. These days, Benoit Schillings does something else entirely: he's currently the chief technology officer at Myriad, where he and his team is working on Alien Dalvik. Now that I know he's the one leading this team, I know for sure we've got something special here.
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RE: Running without Qt
by marcell on Sat 19th Feb 2011 01:43 UTC in reply to "Running without Qt"
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qt probably *plays* a big role. qt targets different paint engines on different platforms (x11 on *nix, CoreGraphics on osx, opengl es for embedded or it's own raster engine for any other situation). that's *one* of the things which makes qt great for cross-platform development.

programming virtual machines can be done with idea to run it in hosting environment (e.g. javascript, lua and even python) or to run it independent from any hosting environment. dalvik vm is done to be the only virtual machine running on top of hardware (using linux kernel just for communication with hardware). java vm tries to run in parallel with the rest of the system. alien dalvik obviously like java vm is designed to run in parallel with other vms or on top of them.

making vm to be easy to integrate with many systems is quite hard. that's why qt is/was great choice for alien dalvik. besides targeting different graphic's systems qt provides unique api for many other subsystems: networking, multithreading, multimedia, interobject/process communication etc.

qt is not perfect. but besides mono (which is heavily leaning on .net) this is the *only* really cross-platform development atm. and it is lgpl.

qt (without nokia fucking it up with ms deal) could repeat the history of superior os/2 which could run native windows application even better then windows itself. providing that kind of solution you usually convince lazy devs to go just with native android or in the past windows applications.

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RE[2]: Running without Qt
by Kaj-de-Vos on Sat 19th Feb 2011 01:50 in reply to "RE: Running without Qt"
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Please note that I said "doesn't play a big role *here*" (answering Thom's question). Why else would Benoit say that Qt can be eliminated from the equation?

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RE[3]: Running without Qt
by marcell on Sat 19th Feb 2011 02:11 in reply to "RE[2]: Running without Qt"
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ok, sorry. i probably got it wrong. my point is that qt *is* very important for writing the vm and of course that after vm being finished/compiled you don't need qt anymore to run it. still, there is a probably quite easier integration with systems which are based on qt (e.g. meego).

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