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Google "Over the last few months we have been hard at work getting Native Client ready to support the new Pepper plug-in interface. Native Client is an open source technology that allows you to build web applications that seamlessly and safely execute native compiled code inside the browser. Today, we've reached an important milestone in our efforts to make Native Client modules as portable and secure as JavaScript, by making available a first release of the revamped Native Client .[...]In the coming months we will be adding APIs for 3D graphics, local file storage, WebSockets, peer-to-peer networking, and more. We'll also be working on Dynamic Shared Objects (DSOs), a feature that will eventually allow us to provide Application Binary Interface (ABI) stability."
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RE: Nacl May address 1 problem.
by Lennie on Mon 21st Feb 2011 09:56 UTC in reply to "Nacl May address 1 problem."
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I think MS is already worried about Google and the web.

How many applications do you run native on your desktop instead of something on the web ?

Personally, I only use an programmers editor & git an SSH-client and a mailclient. I guess a lot of people use games and office-software.

I can already replace the mailclient and IDE:

I think I've seen SSH-clients on the web as well.

Google Docs and similair office suits already exist and casual games can already be created based on webtechnology. Casual games is now close to 50% of the market. 2D and simple 3D games build with webtechnology is already possible:

I don't think you need more than 30 frames per second for most games.

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Then the network goes down for whatever reason and you got a brick.

No thanks, I like to be able to use my computer offline, when there is no special reason to go online.

It not like I do have flat rate access to the Internet everywhere I go with my computer.

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Lennie Member since:

See my other comment:

If the application has been built right, you only need to download the web-application ones.

And who said you had to run your server somewhere far away, how about a plug-server ?

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I just tried it is amazing. It works really well. I could just use mutt instead of webmail if I wanted too. :-)

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Want a tricky answer, aside from what you already said ?

A bittorrent client ;)

I also run a mail client, a multimedia player, and a backup application. All those services I could have on the cloud nowadays, but with more glitches (like multimedia playback randomly freezing) and less control on my data, so... I know what's my choice.

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