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Google "We are pleased to announce that the full SDK for Android 3.0 is now available to developers. The APIs are final, and you can now develop apps targeting this new platform and publish them to Android Market. The new API level is 11. For an overview of the new user and developer features, see the Android 3.0 Platform Highlights. Together with the new platform, we are releasing updates to our SDK Tools (r10) and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (10.0.0)."
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RE[3]: Wow, another version
by puelocesar on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wow, another version"
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There is no 2.4 and 2.5.

We have 2.3, for phones, and 3.0 for tablets only.

From what I read, the next version will be based on 3.0, but with support for phones.

So if you want to code an app just for tablets, using more screen state and such, use 3.0.

If you want to code an app for most phones out there, just use 2.1 and take care with multi-resolution issues.

And if you want to use new stuff like renderscript and fragments for apps that work on tablets and phones, you have to wait a little.

Not as terrible as you are pointing out...

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RE[4]: Wow, another version
by wocowboy on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 17:16 in reply to "RE[3]: Wow, another version"
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RE[5]: Wow, another version
by JAlexoid on Wed 23rd Feb 2011 19:55 in reply to "RE[4]: Wow, another version"
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Come back, when android developers announce it. Even then, 3.0 is now API level 11 and Gingerbread is now at level 10. There will be no level 10.5. So if they port back some of the features of 3.0, API(the thing that developers care about most) will not change.

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