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Qt A first alpha version of a Qt implementation for the Android mobile operating system has been announced by Romanian software developer Bogdan Vatra. Since Nokia in co-operation with Microsoft have announced that it does not intend to develop a Windows Phone variant of the GUI framework, Qt for Android represents the only remaining route/platfrom to providing mobile phone apps developed using Qt.
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Looks just like a native Mac application

I do know many of us (apple users) tend to be somewhat shallow, and so be it. Maybe were spoiled with good interface design. I dont know.

Let me just point out a few glicthes in clementine from that screenshot you linked to;
* It's clearly made for a window with borders
* Way too many dividers
* Little or no padding between interface elements

As much as i like clementine in KDE, the minimal effort made to make it look and feel like a "real" cocoa app is a fail in my book. Even if those are native widgets.

That said, many "real" cocoa applications also look like someone shat on them. Take a look here (warning, funny stuff);

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"what Steve likes" != "good"
It's one step above GNOME in "users are stupid, and need to be coddled" design.

"I like it" isn't an argument for "good", either.

Stop freaking out whenever something looks slightly different. Don't blame applications for your lack of understanding of/caring for the underlying actions your "magic" mouse is causing.

Why should anyone comply with a third-party's human interface guidelines?
If I want all the buttons on the bottom and a f--king psychedelic blowfish to appear whenever you mouseover, that's my decision.
You don't have to like it, you don't have to use it.

The "my way or the highway" attitude of Apple people enrages me, as in my experience it extends past their computer use and into their general attitude.

I've had Apple people argue that I should use Mac OS instead of Linux, even after I explain that it simply doesn't suit the way I interact with a computer.
When I finally get fed up with them refusing to either change the subject or end the conversation I show them my stumpwm/xterm/conkeror/emacs setup and they look at me like I'm a heretic and stop talking to me.
I'm fine with that.

Yeah, I get really heated when it comes to what that evil company does to the world.
Computers _matter_, and shouldn't be treated as toys.

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Actually User Interface Guidelines are very important, and every serious environment uses them. Including Gnome, KDE, Windows, Android, and etc. It's not only a Apple thing.

Consistency is one of the most important principles of usability, and usability is a very important thing when you actually *care* about your users.

If you do a software for you, ok, do it's interface the way you want it, but if you want to somebody else use it, please show the proper respect to these people with good usability.

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