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OSNews, Generic OSes A list of intriguing rumours from the week that was... Firstly: Dell looking to buy AMD. Having one of its best financial years with revenue of $6.49 billion and net profit $471 million, the 'AMD in crisis' reports just won't go away. While news of execs leaving the company, and the almost total rebranding of its processor line-up won't help to quell this, the company sure looks healthy, at least in the short term. Although demand for its products is rising with demand exceeding supply in some cases. I can't help but think this has all to do with the Windows/ARM announcement.
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RE: Paradroid's are not accurate
by Paradroid on Thu 24th Feb 2011 16:04 UTC in reply to "Paradroid's are not accurate"
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Probably best if you just said nothing with comments like that. Easiest thing in the world to call someone wrong - would you like to tell us what is right then?

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Paradroid I think you have a point..It's just the presentation:-)

I have nothing bad to say about PPC. The biggest reason i guess why Sony would choose arm is that in five years when the PS4 come's out (5 years confirmed by some posts) you might have mightily ARM processors. (You have quad cores ARM processors run over 2Ghz already) Imagine in five years.
The second reason is that from what I gather it is much more difficult to write games for different class of processors. The next generation of playstation portable (the debut second half of 2011) have a quad core arm processor and these devices generally stay in market for 10 years. So it might be more easily for developers writing games across for one type of cpu architecture.

The third reason is Sony itself can license ARM processors to manufacture it itself or have the option to let multiple ARM licensees like Texas instruments, Marvel ect. tender to produce these. So manufacturing cost might come down a lot.

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Hi, yes I think you're right - ARM sounds like a decent possibility for next-gen consoles if it can deliver enough power.

The consoles would run cooler and be quieter, and like you say it would be easier to port games between mobile/tablet platforms and consoles.

I didn't mean to slate the PPC platform, but it is true that it's not remained competitive because of lack of investment, which caused Apple to move on, that in turn made things worse.

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