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Intel Apple has just updated its line of MacBook Pros. Usually, this isn't anything to get particularly excited about, but this time around, they've got a genuine treat: Thunderbolt. Apple is the first to use this new connection technology, developed at Intel and believed to be the copper version of Lightpeak. It's pretty impressive.
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Comment by mutantsushi
by mutantsushi on Fri 25th Feb 2011 02:16 UTC
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Well, on the connection itself, it seems like awesome sauce...
Is each daisy-chained device semi-independent, i.e. you could simply `twin` a video stream to both display on a DisplayPort monitor (or be processed live on computer) and be recorded simultaneously with 0 overhead? (or chain-processed thru multiple computers)

I DON`T like the possiblity of Intel not freely licencing it (I don`t care if they charged a reasonable fee, but it would have to be open-access, and transparent to their own chipsets). They certainly seem to have close to a monopoly in desktop/laptop PC chipsets, so NOT going this way could bring them trouble... Hopefully they just do the right thing.

Apple`s `Icon` for Thunderbolt is absolutely atrocius...
I would assume that is either power-charging port, an interface to a wireless interface (?), or both (wireless power). I would have a small circle with dot in middle (for cable) with multiple `energy bolt` radiating out to represent the multiple connections/usages.
EDIT: Nevermind, it seems to be Intel`s choice... Though Apple probably could have gotten Intel to change it if they actually tried to.


Apple`s line-up is of course completely absurd, you can`t get a 15¨ screen for less than $1700 US, and many countries have huge taxes on top of this... While 15¨ and 17¨ are routinely available for sub-$1000 with DECENT processors for the vast majority of people`s needs... But don`t worry, Apple`s still includig a meh graphics processor that ROCKS at World of Warcraft.

Honestly, I don`t expect Apple with do anything interesting with their line-up at/around/below $1000 until they are ready to ship an ARM `iBook` (and would actually synergize with bringing back the name, given the similarity with iPad/Tablet/Phone). Dual/Quad Apple-optimized ARM9 Cores with sufficient graphics and sufficent RAM would be hitting THE consumer laptop price-point. The different processor architecture (for desktop apps) of course would easily give another kick-start to Apple`s MacOS AppStore efforts...

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RE: Comment by mutantsushi
by Neolander on Fri 25th Feb 2011 06:58 in reply to "Comment by mutantsushi"
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Now that iOS developpers are trapped inside of the Mac ecosystem whether they like it or not, Apple have less incentives than ever to make normally-priced computers.

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RE[2]: Comment by mutantsushi
by moondevil on Fri 25th Feb 2011 10:16 in reply to "RE: Comment by mutantsushi"
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Yep, when I saw the prices I just gave up on the idea of getting one.

Those prices are not Europa compatible.

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RE[2]: Comment by mutantsushi
by bnolsen on Sat 26th Feb 2011 14:28 in reply to "RE: Comment by mutantsushi"
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hackintosh is the way to go for that...

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