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Gnome "Gnome Shell 2.91.90 was released yesterday getting some fine adjustments according to the release announcement: 'This release just about concludes user interface changes anticipated before GNOME 3.0. The only significant change we expect after this release is to add a native network indicator based on NetworkManager 0.9.' Gnome Shell 2.91.90 brings new automatic workspaces, removed minimize and maximize buttons from window titlebars, a PolicyKit authentication agent and more."
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by puelocesar on Fri 25th Feb 2011 23:23 UTC in reply to "GNOME Hell"
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone said the same thing about WIMP years ago...

First of all, it's harsh to judge like this unfinished software, secondly that doesn't prove current window management paradigm is better, maybe what's happening is that you and your wife spent a considerable time of your lives using one paradigm and unconsciously will reject anything different from that because it will have to spend an unnecessary amount of time getting used to something new.

See, some people hate new things, understandably, but there are also people who likes new things, and if we all keep technology halted because some people don't like these new things, what's going to happen to human society?

I myself, despite not liking very much this Gnome Shell, appreciate the effort Gnome guys are putting in trying new concepts, even if they fail, because if no one tries, how we will improve?

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by ndrw on Sat 26th Feb 2011 08:19 in reply to "RE: GNOME Hell"
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Gnome Shell is still fully WIMP oriented. Even if it itself can make some use of touch panels, the applications can't. No breakthrough here.

It is not true that in order to improve the experience you have to throw away stuff and start again from scratch. I'd be more happy if Gnome guys instead of rolling off another "best thing ever" had simply fixed the panel. After so many years it still gets messed up when I change the screen resolution and it is next to unusable in a vertical mode.

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