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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 11.02 of the Genode OS Framework pushes its platform support to 8 different kernels. Genode allows the construction of specialized operating systems by combining one of those kernels with a steadily growing number of ready-to-use components. The new platform additions are the support for Fiasco.OC, which is a modern capability-based microkernel, the upgrade to the NOVA hypervisor 0.3, and a custom kernel implementation specifically targeted to softcore CPUs as employed in FPGA-based SoCs. Functionality-wise, Genode 11.02 features the first parts of a new execution environment for running command-line-based GNU software natively on Genode.
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RE: I don't get it
by Soulbender on Sun 27th Feb 2011 02:13 UTC in reply to "I don't get it"
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Why don't more people rave about this?

Because most people are OS users, not OS designers or builders. The main question for OS users is: what can it do for me today?
Today this question remain largely unanswered with Genode.

It's an awesome technology though, no doubt about it, and I'm sure it will have some very intersting applications in the, hopefully near, future.

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