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FreeBSD PC-BSD 8.2 has been released. As the name suggests, this version's based on FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE, and includes KDE 4.5.5, as well as various other bugxes and updates.
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RE: It is getting better
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 27th Feb 2011 06:22 UTC in reply to "It is getting better"
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Two things that always drove me nuts about PC-BSD...

1. Why is everything so BIG? The fonts, window decorations... everything just seems massive even at 1680x1050. Other than that glaring annoyance, the desktop is actually quite attractive.

2. The "optional add-ons" included on the DVD... they seem to change what additional programs are available upon install directly from every release, with only a few programs (Firefox, being guaranteed across versions. Almost every time, something I like is removed... Opera and K3b are two notable examples. Yeah, K3b is listed as an optional add-on according to the release notes for 8.2, but it doesn't appear during (or after) install in my VirtualBox installation trials.

I know, I know--people will probably say "that's what the package manager/PBIDir is for." Sure, but it's really nice to be able to install optional things right from the start and IMO that is one of the (theoretical) strengths of PC-BSD: install a nice base system, and choose optional packages if desired. PC-BSD already comes on such a huge disc (DVD) image, with ~1GB left... I don't know why they're afraid to use 512MB more. Surely 512MB on top of of 3.3GB to 3.6GB won't make that much of a difference in download time of the image itself, if that is the concern.

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