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Features, Office "No one makes bad software on purpose. No benevolent programmer has ever sat down, planning out weeks of work, with the intention of frustrating people and making them cry. Bad software, or bad anything, happens because making things is hard, making good things doubly so."
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Normal people don't understand that...
by Eugenia on Mon 17th Oct 2005 20:50 UTC
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Good code is EXPENSIVE as it's DIFFICULT to write.
And as long as good code is so expensive, don't expect commercial/home-oriented software to ever be "good". This is true for both OSS and commercial software. If you really need perfect quality, I suggest you ask NASA and nuclear plants to give you some references of software houses that might will fix things for you, given a few million dollars. More here:

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Now now, Eugenia ;)

This wasn't what was meant with good code.

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> Good code is EXPENSIVE as it's DIFFICULT to write.

Bad code is way more expensive and difficult if you have to maintain or reuse it.

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> Bad code is way more expensive and difficult if you have to maintain or reuse it.

Good code costs you money/time/resources at the time it is originally created: bad code may appear to be cheap at the beginning, but it's much like a plague that starts out small, and the resources required to fix the problems as a result end up being much more than the cost of doing it properly the first time, and keeps on giving in that way.

If your product(s) start out notably bad, but are otherwise on time to market, your reputation is likely to be blown to hell, such that the seemingly low-cost of the initial implementation ends up being no bargain, because you may never be able to convince people after that that the product(s) in question are worth spending their time and money on in the future, while some other solution that may have taken longer initially to get to market can come in and swoop up potential customers.

The cliche of you never get a second chance to make a first impression applies too often.

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I agree. See my longer comments above.

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Bah! bad code is expensive, lawsuits, lost customers,poor reputation, bankruptcy, dreams crushed.
It's real easy to do good code right if you've got the skill, discipline and focus. If it's too difficult then maybe a career change should be considered before too much damage is done. Project management may be a better fit. Not everybody has what it takes to be a programmer no matter what the latest fad language groupies decree.

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