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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Now that the dust has settled after Stephen Elop's big announcement on the 11th February 2011, many have come to realise that actually Nokia's move towards a a new Ecosystem is not as bad as what they thought. [...] But what does all this mean for the Nokia Developers? When the proposed partnership with Microsoft was announced, many felt betrayed and worried about their future, but after having heard and assisted a number of workshops at the Nokia Developer Day at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, earlier this month, their outlook towards the new ecosystem has taken a 180 degree turn and are now looking at the proposed partnership with a lot more enthusiasm, recognising the potential it will bring them in the coming months."
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RE: The language barrier...
by _txf_ on Tue 1st Mar 2011 00:06 UTC in reply to "The language barrier..."
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Maybe I'm missing something ... But don't you require VisualStudio to develop for this mobile platform? It seems like a massive change!

There is a free version for phones, I think. However great Visual studio is (it is the best Mega IDE out there) I still much preferred the elegance of Qt Creator. I Haven't used eclipse much but everybody around me tells me eclipse sucks.

I would say however that It is easier for a C++ dev to go to Java or C# (especially) than the other way. However very low level c++ developers will feel very constrained by managed runtimes.

What is the migration path here? This question alone would colour my opinion on the new Nokia-Microsoft partnership.

No Migration path. Start from scratch...

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puelocesar Member since:

Eclipse sucks. Big time. But at least you can code Qt for Android using Qt Creator.

I really doubt MS will let this happen on WP7

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RE[3]: The language barrier...
by wigry on Tue 1st Mar 2011 11:38 in reply to "RE[2]: The language barrier..."
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Eclipse sucks. Big time.

Offtopic but have no idea, where people take these claims. I've used Eclipse like 5-6 years already and also tried others but always returned to Eclipse. Well probably because I don't need much from IDE and could be happy with VIM or Notepad++ and commandline compiler. The most important aspect of an editor/IDE is that it should not get on my way and should not help me too much. Many IDE's and environments try to be too careful and elliminate the possibility to produce broken code (even if the development is in the middle and I just want to try out a small part of the program so the rest can be broken). All I need is just some background compiler that shows I have not imported particular dependency into my code.

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No Migration path. Start from scratch...

I figured as much.

It could be said then, that for existing Nokia phone developers, there really isn't much difference if they were to stick with Nokia, or if they jump ship - they are probably learning a new system (or "environment") from scratch either way.

I suspect Nokia are hoping they will attract as many new developers (or more?) than they lose. It's an impressive gamble.

The question then of "What's the opinion of Nokia Developers about the Nokiasoft Partnership" probably doesn't seem so important to those in charge of Nokia right now, since they figured they were going down in flames anyhow.

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