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Mac OS X It's sad to see that even after all these years, we still have to write articles like this one. It's all over the web right now: a new backdoor Mac OS X trojan discovered! Code execution! Indicative of rise in Mac malware! Until, of course, you actually take a look at what's going on, and see that not only is it not in the wild, it can't really do anything because it's a beta.
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RE: Maybe I'm crazy...
by WorknMan on Tue 1st Mar 2011 03:43 UTC in reply to "Maybe I'm crazy..."
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But I don't give a damn if a piece of malware can gain root privileges on my desktop when measured against the greater harm that results from it getting and sending my personal information.

Yeah, or using my box as a spambot or to set up a P2P hot spot for warez and/or child porn, neither of which require root access, AFAIK. Honestly, I'd rather them just gain root access and wreck my machine, as opposed to doing something that might lead to being sued by the entertainment industry and/or having cops knocking at my front door, wanting to ask me a few questions.

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