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Mac OS X Earlier this week, Apple released the first developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At the same time, Apple listed a number of new features we hadn't yet heard about, which are quite interesting. There are two themes: bringing iOS to Mac OS X, and adding features other operating systems have had for ages - except in such a way that you can actually use them. Update: Fixed that scrolling thing. It's the other way around of course.
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UI Challenges
by mjhi11 on Wed 2nd Mar 2011 01:13 UTC
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So after "reviewing" comments from "others" regarding the new OS X UI, I have a few of my own "concerns" about translating the iPhone/iPad launching functionality to OS X's Launchpad.

1) There should be "stops" at the end of multiple-screen/panel scrolls. The iOS doesn't "wrap" and Launchpad shouldn't either. This could get very confusing for novices and experienced users as well.

2) iOS and Lion should have some sorting capabilities for the launch pads on the devices. Sort by Name for example. Manually organizing 50 or so desktop applications could get very frustrating for a user who wants to organize their applications into panels alphabetically. This would be nice for the iPhone/iPad as well.

3) There should be "rubber band" capabilities for Launchpad (and again it would be nice on the iPhone and iPad as well) and at least for Launchpad on Lion the ability to multi-select to ease organizing, moving applications between screens when you'd want to manually organize the order of applications on different panels.

4) A little intelligence would be nice too...maybe a tool that tracks program usage and places those programs on the first screen and subsequent screens based on use.

5) If applications in the "Programs" folder on Lion are organized into folders, it would be nice if Launchpad could organize the different panels based on the folders. Screen one is the first folder, maybe named Accessories, then Apps, then Multimedia, for example.

6) Using a mouse to navigate Launch pad might be difficult particularly if Apple uses the default scroll wheels to rotate between panels. A left click on the desktop might click one screen left and a right click one screen right. My "understanding" is there is NO right clicking functionality even built into Launchpad and that's a shame. Left click yes but only for launching an application's icon, nothing on the desktop except to close the Launchpad window "I hear".

7) Also, I hear people have struggled to find the "application" that is Launchpad which makes it difficult to assign mouse buttons to automatically launch launch pad from a middle mouse button click for example...I speculate.

8) Any "preferences" for Launch Pad should be accessible from the System Preferences and ideally by right clicking on the launch pad icon.

9) And maybe some people are missing things but if Launchpad is going to be the "launch pad" then integration with Expose, Spaces and Dashboard ought to be incorporated into one function.

Now I suspect that I may be "misinterpreting things" maybe because some have installed Lion over an existing install and thus it's not a "pure" install and of course applications and probably more OS X utilities, desktop accessories, dashboard items, etc. need to be re-written or written.

But it's this "reporter's" opinion that there's a long way to go before I'd use the Launchpad functionality as my primary launcher...based on what I've "heard" to date.

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