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Java Later this year, Oracle will begin requiring people interested in gaining Java and Solaris certifications to attend "hands-on" training courses, at an additional cost of thousands of dollars. The new rule goes into effect Aug. 1 and regards Java Architect, Java Developer, Solaris System Administrator and Solaris Security Administrator certification paths, according to a notice on Oracle's website.
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RE[2]: Oracle no more
by Flatland_Spider on Fri 4th Mar 2011 05:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Oracle no more"
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I'm in the same boat. I work for a small engineering firm, and I would love to ditch Openfiler (that decision pre-dates my tenure) and move our NAS over to Solaris for ZFS and better iSCSI support. Unfortunately, I can't for the exact reasons you mentioned.

Our Red Hat/CentOS boxes work great, and we will probably stick with that. If OpenSolaris still existed, I might be able to slip some stuff in, but not now.

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RE[3]: Oracle no more
by Kebabbert on Fri 4th Mar 2011 14:38 in reply to "RE[2]: Oracle no more"
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OpenSolaris had some closed bits in it. But it is now forked by the community and it is called OpenIndiana. It is based on build 148 of the Solaris 11 source code.

The Oracle Solaris 11 Express distro, is based on build 151a. Not too many differences.

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RE[4]: Oracle no more
by Flatland_Spider on Tue 8th Mar 2011 01:11 in reply to "RE[3]: Oracle no more"
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Honestly, license politics had nothing . It's about support contracts, future viability, and training.

There's also Nexenta which is driving Illumos(sp?).

It's still early, and I need to see if these forks are going to be around for a while and where they're going to go. I'll test this stuff out on my own, but not on boxes my company relies on.

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