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OSNews, Generic OSes It's not the return of the OSNews comic, but it was too good to let pass. Our coverage of the Apple event was minimal this week, so I decided to round the key points up in an illustration...
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RE: Missing the point as usual
by mtzmtulivu on Sun 6th Mar 2011 12:22 UTC in reply to "Missing the point as usual"
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Motorola made a big fuss about how the Xoom runs flash while the iPad doesn't; it was a strong marketing point. However it decided to release it with that major feature missing, something that won't be available for a few months. This is something that Apple would never do.

Didnt Apple make a big fuss about their revolutionary outside antenna? What happened then? The phone ended up with the now famous "the touch of death", only from apple.

You have to have a very selective memory to make such statement you just made.

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And I wonder how that white iPhone 4 is coming along...

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