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OSNews, Generic OSes It's not the return of the OSNews comic, but it was too good to let pass. Our coverage of the Apple event was minimal this week, so I decided to round the key points up in an illustration...
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RE: Comment by satan666
by kaelodest on Sun 6th Mar 2011 21:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by satan666"
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Because YOU didn't design it. I have an old Dell Inspion 910 that i have to frequently re-work just for basic 21st century reality. So I gave it to my eight year old. She said (sic) why not get rid of all of these ports and have a touch screen. As a developer I couldn't agree more as a father I told her to "shaddup and eat her peas" 2 eight years old she hass more than enough, (well realistically told her about the nature of marketing) then gave her my old 1.25GHz g4 12" which sucks in the real world but is great as a net-book/iPad replacement. her birthday is in june, Should I buy a 'new' inspion on a bargain basement iPad 1?
-=- The underlying message of GNU (and iOS) is do it or shuddup about it.

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RE[2]: Comment by satan666
by TheGZeus on Mon 7th Mar 2011 00:23 in reply to "RE: Comment by satan666"
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That "(sic)" is meaningless here, and you didn't put quotes around what your daughter said, but that's enough with the general English grammar lesson...

Nothing you wrote here has anything to do with the comment to which you are replying.

"I will not use this product because it is restrictive."

"Yeah? Well, my laptop is old and my daughter dislikes it. You should design a better tablet or stop complaining!"

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