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Apple Yeah I was quite busy yesterday, and nobody else picked it up, so we didn't report on the launch of the iPad 2. Since other websites went completely bonkers over this, we'll keep it short: there's a new iPad out. It's thinner, has a dual-core processor, faster graphics, and has a "new" case developed by Incase Apple. Contrary to all the "later this year" announcements from the likes of HP and RIM, Apple is shipping this thing March 11.
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Chicken Blood
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event drive like qt or gtk. just becus you cant se the event loop dosen mean it is not there. there is a eventloop for every thread. where do you think objects get freed etc.

they want the mindset of event driven programming but the system is not built like that from the ground up.

I'm not sure what your point is here. If you are implying that that qt/gtk have per-thread event loops (they don't necessarily, but they can) and that iOS/CocoaTouch does not (ditto) you are wrong. Being event-driven is not the differentiating factor over whether your system multitasks or not.

Having used all three toolkits extensively, I can confidently say that your argument does not support your conclusion.

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I can confidently say that your argument does not support your conclusion.

That's probably because his arguments were not meant to support the conclusion but it's really the other way around.
He was debunking the faulty "it is event-driven but it has no even loop" that the parent poster was putting out. Actually, @dizzey was providing a counter-example to what @bloodline said in "iOS is event driven. All your code is executed by event handling methods, there isn't an event loop that waits for an event."

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