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Qt Since the web has a tendency to overstate things: no, Nokia is not selling Qt. Today, Nokia announced that Digia will acquire the Qt Commercial software licensing and professional services business from Nokia. So I repeat: Nokia is not selling Qt.
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"You can use the GPL license in medical, aerospace, defence, etc. You can use the LGPL there, too.

Legally, yes. Practically, maybe not be as easy. I suspect what Thom means, is that due to the requirements in the contracts in these industries, it can be far cheaper to purchase a commercial agreement with a licensor than to use the free licence, but have to your IP lawyers pour over it, to ensure you can't be sued

Bingo. I kind of thought that was obvious ;) .

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There are a lot of programs using Qt (under the LGPL license). Some of them are closed-source.

Can you say a single example of those programs that can be sued for using the LGPL license and not be sued if they use the "commercial" license?

How is that those niches of market require the "commercial" license?

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Forgive me if my GPL license interpretation is off, but doesn't distributing the libraries ( in the form of embedded hardware and/or a full installation program) require them to also provide the source code for the qt libraries?

If so is that what people object to in those industries? it seems simple enough, but maybe they just don't want to deal with "the hassle" of doing it.

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