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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless HP recently posted new videos of their developer sessions at Mobile World Congress. As it turns out they aren't just interesting for developers - in particular, Part 3 offers a glimpse of the TouchPad UI that's a bit more in-depth than what we've seen so far. For developers, there's also an overview of the development environment(s) (part 4) and an introduction to the new SDK "Enyo" (part 5).
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Did somebody warp me back to 1999?
by FreeGamer on Mon 7th Mar 2011 16:54 UTC
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Some of the "amazing" features of WebOS... (from Part 3 – webOS demonstration with Sachin Kansal)

- Ability to connect to different email servers and a fairly OK email UI (some touted features included text flowing, inline images, HTML emails)
- Ability to view facebook photos and comment on them
- Full screen flash
- Ability to pause a 3D game
- Close apps by throwing them off screen

When did our expectations become so low?

I'm uninspired. Most of the demonstrated stuff is minor development time. The video calling and the general integration of it all is pretty neat, but the rest is pretty run-of-the-mill.

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Sorely missed in WebOS 1.X were basic 2004 smartphone functions

1. Voicedial
2. Proxy support in the browser

Even PalmOS supported these on the Treo.

With RIM creating TabletOS based on the WebOS UI, but having more features behind it, I'm carefully waiting to see what happens to their nextgen phones as well. WebOS 2.X is nothing more than a UI update to me.

In the TabletOS move, RIM might turn WebOS users over to a tablet that will be available before Touchpad especially if the phones will use the same OS.

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WebOS 2.x is getting voice dialing.

As for being just a UI update; It's that plus severe optimization which WebOS was needing hardcore.

As for uninspiring? It's a mobile OS built on actual open standards thats extremely easy to develop for and has a very cohesive, well thought out and polished user interface. It struggled with just poor mostly bankrupt Palm trying to develop it but now with HPs full weight behind it I expect great things over the next year or two.

It is currently the only phone/tablet OS/Device combo that tries to integrate the two together for a good user experience. I'm sure the competitors will eventually add similar stuff, but it will probably feel bolted on. Might not, but who knows.

I, personally, adore the linking shown between the Pre and the Touchpad.

I'll be getting a Pre3 and a Touchpad as soon as I can. I'll just have to suck it up and continue suffering with my current phone I was wanting to upgrade sooner :/

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-RIM +HP, I think

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