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Gnome I have to admit I've been struggling with this one for a while, most importantly because I haven't used GNOME 3 yet; I'm setting up my own little company right now, so time's a little short. As such, all I can do here is cover the arguments given - which, in my book, have both their strong as well as their weak points. Yes, GNOME 3 will not have buttons for minimising or maximising windows.
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This is what I mean though. Why draggable boxes? Why cant I just put everything on the "desktop"? Draggable boxes are just an added layer that dont seem to serve any purpose.

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You can, just right click on your desktop and change the desktop mode to "folder view".

For instance, Mandriva does it by default. Other distros tend to keep the "upstream" behaviour.

The purpose is to keep the desktop tidy, and to have several different boxes with different views on different folders, if you want to. But it's just an option.

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Maybe this is in a newer kde4. It hasnt been there in past versions Ive tried (either that or I just didnt notice and my entire argument is retarted.)

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