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Gnome I have to admit I've been struggling with this one for a while, most importantly because I haven't used GNOME 3 yet; I'm setting up my own little company right now, so time's a little short. As such, all I can do here is cover the arguments given - which, in my book, have both their strong as well as their weak points. Yes, GNOME 3 will not have buttons for minimising or maximising windows.
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RE[4]: Because we can
by bassbeast on Wed 9th Mar 2011 16:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Because we can"
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Not to mention one of the nice things about Windows is if the parent doesn't like AeroSnap then he can simply disable it either from within Windows itself or I prefer using the excellent Ultimate Tweaker..

This tool has no install, can be dropped onto a flash, and pretty much will let you customize any behavior in Windows 7. And I have to agree about being tired of the "7 is just Vista" FUD, as I ran Vista from Beta 1 through SP1 and they were like night and day. Vista was a bloated slow crash prone mess, whereas 7 is actually faster for me than XP while being rock solid and with greater ease of use.

But the nice thing about Windows is you don't need to dig into the guts and rewrite conf files just to change it thanks to third party tools like the above. Just check the checkbox (or uncheck for those things you don't want) save, and that's it.

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