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FreeBSD "How long have you been using FreeBSD. Months? Years? Decades? And you love using it because of whatever reason but at the same time you're feeling a bit guilty to use it all for free without giving anything back? Well now you'll have the chance to change that. We at FreeBSD are always in need of new people who are willing to spare some of their time and effort into FreeBSD development."
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RE: Guilt much?
by Oliver on Wed 9th Mar 2011 19:40 UTC in reply to "Guilt much?"
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>Well, no. I read the license, and it said nothing about a requirement to feel guilty for not giving back.

Yes this is true, the GPL doesn't say anything about "feeling guilty" too. It's about open source, community and such things. Even a license like the GPL doesn't guarantee anything, look for example at Ubuntu or many companies using the sources of Red Hat.

Btw. many companies like Juniper, Cisco, Nokia, Yahoo, Apple etc. contribute something back to BSD, but it's not about those big companies, it's about the single user ... you know _community_.

Finally, you're comparing apples and oranges.

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