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Microsoft The world's richest man talks about developing new drugs to combat AIDS, open-source software and why Microsoft's still cool after all these years. Gates: "We encourage everyone to develop in our environment. Free software's nothing new... There was an early browser, an early mail program. But as times moved on, it's been the commercial programs that get the support, get the richness."
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by Nex6 on Mon 17th Oct 2005 23:21 UTC
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This Boogles my mind, it really does. every post on every forum/news site always comes down to a flame war of the mindless.

and a large number of these mindless are some of the OSS zelots, now dont get me wrong , i love Linux, firefox and OSS. %but% i always use the best tool for the job period. and in the enterprise, blindly saying we must now use linux on all our servers and all our desktops becuase xyz is not only silly its stupid.

you use what ever is best, linux on webservers and DB servers, maybe some app servers. some windows IIS app servers. Windows AD domain with exchange, Linxu dev workstations windows XP pro workstations for users etc

this is not rocket sceince, and high school level IT does not work in an enterprise with 10,000 users


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by Celerate on Tue 18th Oct 2005 03:03 in reply to "OMG"
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"you use what ever is best, linux on webservers and DB servers, maybe some app servers. some windows IIS app servers. Windows AD domain with exchange, Linxu dev workstations windows XP pro workstations for users etc "

The assumption that Linux is only for servers and developer workstations is a very inaccurate stereotype. Have you tried the latest SUSE? I didn't keep it because SUSE removed mp3 support directly out of the KDEmultimedia libraries and then tried to make up for it by including Real(awful)Player and making it the back-end for amaroK. Aside from that SUSE Linux 10.0 is brilliant and far better polished than Windows. SUSE Linux 10.0 might not have as many commercial software packages for it, but it is just as easy to use as Windows and runs smoother. There are lots of other distributions that are good for desktop use too, and unless you are a hardcore gamer or have special needs you can easily use those instead of Windows.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Linux is far ahead of Windows, both have strenghts and weaknesses, but right now it could be fairly said that one is better than the other and vice versa depending on the user. SUSE 10.0 doesn't need a rocket scientist to use it, in fact anyone who can't use SUSE would also be unable to use Windows were it not for the help of friends, peers and family who are familiar with the OS already.

Right now I consider the playing field fairly equal, SUSE's YaST has just as much power as the Windows control panel and it's organized far better. If SUSE hadn't crippled the KDEmultimedia libraries then I would have been Windows free by now, and if Novell finally caught a hint and relesed a multimedia pack at the cost of licensing then Windows would be little more than an afterthought for me.

SUSE Linux right now would be brilliant on any office machine, and should Novell one day include good multimedia support or provide said multimedia support on an extra CD then SUSE Linux would be excellent on just about any machine.

It goes without saying that some people will still preffer Windows over Linux, but with things going the way they are the only thing keeping Linux down is the lack of multimedia support, advertising and a presence on store shelves.

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RE[2]: OMG
by on Tue 18th Oct 2005 04:26 in reply to "RE: OMG"
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yes, I have used SuSe, i have been using Linux on servers and desktops for years.(i support both)

I work in a large enterprise and heavy duty production enviroments use what they use. i can not replace a few thousand desktops with suse no matter
how much someone may say "its better for the desktop"

with many internal windows apps and many which are based on windows and can not be replaced with linux versions.

and no, wine is not production level software.

and what about migration costs? how about 1000s of users who have used this windows enviroment for years
without any problems?

for them everything just works, becuase we do not have some mickey mouse high school level IT shop. everything is done correctly.

it is not a matter of "have you tryed xyz distro" thats something linux zelots who dont admin and who are not in a large production shops have no clue about. and insist on jamming linux where it may not fit. thats a matter of use the best tool, things you have to consider are:

support (who is going to support it, how is it going to be supported? infrastucture support?)

just jamming suse with nis, or openldap is a very poor
replacement for windows 2000 AD and exchange with GPOs and a VBS logon script framework.


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