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OS/2 and eComStation IBM has hammered the final nails into OS/2's coffin. It said that all sales of OS/2 will end on the 23rd of December this year, and support for the pre-emptive multitasking operating system will end on the 31st December 2006.
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So if we do that, then why not other things,

Such as "by law when coral snake stops doing very much stuff, he is to be put to work in the public domain for people to use him as he pleases"


"by law when coral snake is not doing anything with his wife, she is to be put in public domain for use by others"

Seriously, by law forcing software to be open sourced is one of the stupidest things ever and will never happen. Its not even very ethical to force such a thing.

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Is it me, or did you just suggest that someone's wife was property? And before that compared his suggestion to slavery? He expressed a desire to alter the terms of a temporary monopoly bestowed upon a certain class of intellectual property by the State. It may or may not happen, and it may or may not be a good idea, but auctioning off someone's wife's vagina it isn't.

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Seriously, by law forcing software to be open sourced is one of the stupidest things ever

As opposed to use of the non-word "stupidest," which is one of the most stupid things ever.

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Stupidest IS a word. People use it, everyone knows what it means, it's in most dictionaries now. Maybe you are one of those grammar nazis that think languages do not change over time, but then you would be wrong. Anyway that has nothing to do with OS/2 so just shut your yap and quit trolling.

Back on topic, I've used OS/2 since Warp 3 and I've always preferred it to Windows (at least up until 98) and I still use it on my older computer. I think it would be great if IBM made it open source, but this is IBM after all and I doubt that will ever happen. ;)

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Actually the original Copyright Law framed by the framers of the Constitution DID JUST THAT (put things in the public domain BY LAW) by having copyrights EXPIRE within the lifetimes of those who applied for them. This notion of perminent "Intellectual Property" is of very recent origin and it will eventually kill off the computer, entertainment and information related industries if it persists. Micro$oft and what it has done to OS/2 and other operating systems is just a SYMPTOM of the general return of 19th century style monopolies to the computer, entertainment and publishing industries through perminent copyright. Thank GOD this didn't happen with Patents YET!!!!

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