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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you were, you know, living your lives, you've probably missed it, but old fires are burning brightly once again: there's somewhat of a falling-out going on between KDE and GNOME, with Canonical siding squarely with... KDE. The issue seems to revolve around GNOME's lack of collaboration, as explained by KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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Comment by mtzmtulivu
by mtzmtulivu on Thu 10th Mar 2011 13:29 UTC
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KDE has always worked a lot harder on integrating well with GNOME than the other way around, and it seems like this pattern is intensifying instead of diminishing


I could say more but why bother, that statements stands on its own and any addition from me will most likely spoil it.

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RE: Comment by mtzmtulivu
by segedunum on Fri 11th Mar 2011 23:05 in reply to "Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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Well, at least that is at last being acknowledged now. I've simply got sick of people portraying Freedesktop specs as somehow all being Gnome originated and this terrible double standard of where if you interoperate with Gnome somehow you're being 'cross desktop' friendly. The reverse never seems to be expected.

It's something disturbing that has gone on for the best part of the last decade, and I'd say it has materially harmed, perhaps irretrievably, the perception of Linux and free software on the desktop and ensured that we always seem to be in a political mess.

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