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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Symbian might have been taking a beating over the past few months, but that doesn't mean the world's most popular smartphone platform (I doubt the installed base hase been overtaken by Android yet, although I might be mistaken) is just going to sit idly by. While Nokia gets its first Windows Phone 7 devices ready, work on Symbian^3 continues, and the Dutch (yeahaw!) product manager for Nokia Benelux has confirmed that a massive overhaul of the platform will be pushed to phones later this year [Dutch].
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RE: Comment by frood
by darknexus on Sat 12th Mar 2011 01:22 UTC in reply to "Comment by frood"
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I like to think that nokia will continue to support symbian after rhe release of their windows phones.

I hope the same. I've a Nokia E72 and I love the phone, and I'm a huge fan of Symbian since it's small and powerful. The UI is fine for a non-touch phone like the E72. What really shows, however, is the lack of polish in the provided apps. Something as simple as the email client not linking into Symbian's network connection framework but rather doing everything itself, resulting in my connection preferences (Wifi then 3G) not being effective in the email client though they work elseware. I could go on and on about the crappy applications Nokia's been providing with Symbian as of late, and I don't think a UI overhaul is going to fix that. I'd be happy if they left the UI alone and fixed their provided apps. You know there's a problem when 3rd party apps like Skype fit into the os better than Nokia's own.

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RE[2]: Comment by frood
by frood on Sat 12th Mar 2011 02:18 in reply to "RE: Comment by frood"
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I don't think it's out of the question either. Nokia have contracts with businesses that rely on these devices and have them integrated with their environments. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen a mobile phone manufacturer maintaining multiple OS'.

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