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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Now that Linux is the most popular free Unix-like operating system, it shouldn't be a surprise that some projects have begun treating non-Linux operating systems as second-class citizens. This isn't out of contempt for the BSDs or OpenSolaris, it's just a matter of limited manpower: if almost all the users of the application have a Linux operating system and if all the core developers are using Linux themselves, it's difficult to keep supporting other operating systems. But sometimes the choice to leave out support for other operating systems is explicitly made, e.g. when the developers want to implement some innovative features that require functionality that is (at least for now) only available in the Linux kernel."
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BSD guys pull up your socks.
by oiaohm on Sat 12th Mar 2011 04:47 UTC
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Hald project accounted over 7 years ago it was going to be deprecated.

This is case of Moses and the flood. Linux guys have built a boat out of the historic valley and the BSD guys have been saying the flood will not come.

Also some BSD people have said is about Linux. Sorry its about everyone. But if you don't turn up and build your boats for the future its not problem when you get left behind.

Ubuntu and Gnome is a another lot of stupidity. Ubuntu does not work with upstream well. About as bad as Gnome not working with their upstream standards body.

Disfunction and disfunction. No point complaining about being left behind when its not really invention but dealing with what was announced 7 years ago and should have come as no surprise.

Lack of innovation by particular parties have caused the lack of portability issue.

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If you're going to troll, do it after some proofreading.
No one will be offended if they can't understand you.

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it might be that he didn't used proper english, god knows i don't. english is my fourth language

but what he said is true.

if you don't believe him or me, read this from the person who started gnome/kde/canonical fiasco

and this from ex-canonical employee

and this is exactly same nonsense, linux developers should not develop for linux since it won't work on os they don't use

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TheGZeas, from your tech comments you seem like a smart guy.
...why are you being such a prick though? It's an international site, open for all to comment. Most users don't have english as their first language(myself included).
I love OSnews and it's diverse culture. Apologies for not contributing meaningfully to the discussion.

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