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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Now that Linux is the most popular free Unix-like operating system, it shouldn't be a surprise that some projects have begun treating non-Linux operating systems as second-class citizens. This isn't out of contempt for the BSDs or OpenSolaris, it's just a matter of limited manpower: if almost all the users of the application have a Linux operating system and if all the core developers are using Linux themselves, it's difficult to keep supporting other operating systems. But sometimes the choice to leave out support for other operating systems is explicitly made, e.g. when the developers want to implement some innovative features that require functionality that is (at least for now) only available in the Linux kernel."
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Also, I'm sick of English being treated as the global lingua franca.
I grew up with it, and every language I've studied since has made more sense (save what little Spanish I've picked up, but that's all informal).

I wonder what the next one will be? we (humanity) will find out in a few hundred years. The status quo cannot last.

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Try the German or the French grammar and see if it makes more sense than English to you ;)

Although my personal favorite in terms of grammar is Japanese, English is not bad either. It has those silly irregular verbs, granted, but that's about it. No feminine and masculine objects, articles are not randomly modified depending on their position in the sentence and the time of the day, modal verbs are used properly instead of creating a different way to conjugate verbs for each use case people have come up with, transcribing oral English to text is fairly straightforward...

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English makes perfect sense if you are English, much like any other languages I would expect.

There are oddities but that is because we been invaded by the Romans, the Saxons, the Vikings, The Normans etc etc.

Also many people don't speak English, they Speak "American English" IMO. Words are pronounced wrong quite often because "it make more sense" ... what they don't get is that ... this isn't the point, it is a language oddity.

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