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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Now that Linux is the most popular free Unix-like operating system, it shouldn't be a surprise that some projects have begun treating non-Linux operating systems as second-class citizens. This isn't out of contempt for the BSDs or OpenSolaris, it's just a matter of limited manpower: if almost all the users of the application have a Linux operating system and if all the core developers are using Linux themselves, it's difficult to keep supporting other operating systems. But sometimes the choice to leave out support for other operating systems is explicitly made, e.g. when the developers want to implement some innovative features that require functionality that is (at least for now) only available in the Linux kernel."
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just my 2 cents

How can I/we be expected to reply with accuracy to what you're trying to say, when what you're _actually_ saying makes no logical sense?

if you don't understand, do not respond and do not go into all-out offensive. if you need, mark it down and it will disappear. does every point need your response?

his point actually made sense (to me at least, but i had to try really, really hard to understand, but it made sense), just not to you.

and just curious, was my somewhat rough translation unclear as well?

It's not fair to anyone if I'm guessing as to your exact meaning. If it was in your mother tongue, and google spat out garbage, I could find someone who actually spoke both English and <foo>

haha, and here... after you can't even bother to try to think what original poster said. you propose this?

yes, i can imagine my self flying over the internet. "anyone speaking foo? someone wrote a post and i want to know what he said so i can respond". yeah, right. now imagine whole internet working like that

reminds me on this one

and yes, bio is really a local joke here. google translated it exactly like it is written. in fact, knowing the joke, translation sounds even funnier to me because it is downright stupid. it was never meant to be funny to others. now imagine posts like that.

btw. i'm a strong believer in right to express your self and equality.

"i disapprove of what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it" from evelyn beatrice hall is probably my favorite rule.

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It's beyond me not understanding, it's what they're saying being intensely unclear.

Especially since this is _a troll_.

In my experience trolls like to be unclear. It gives them weasel-room.

From post one this humanoid was stupid, hostile and aggressive. If you're going to be a moronic jerk, at least be clear about what you're being wrong about.

"flying over the Internet"? What?

I know people in most regions of Europe, and people that speak the Asian languages I do not.
It's not hard for me to get an accurate translation of something, for free, in an hour or two. At most a day.
Your circle of friends is more narrow? That's common.

I'd ask for the portions of the posts that made no sense to be explained, but in my experience on this site when you do that the gibberish gets worse, and comes with insults.

I'm left with replying to every theoretically possible meaning of a given paragraph in a bunch of if/then statements. If I'm going to waste my time, I'd rather waste it learning a new language.

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"flying all over internet"

roughly translated... now imagine your self looking for translation of every post since every post is written in different language. maybe you think this is sane. 99.99% of people don't

In my experience trolls like to be unclear. It gives them weasel-room.

in your inexperience is more appropriate term. if you think someone is troll... mark their comment down and most importantly DO NOT RESPOND!!

Your circle of friends is more narrow? That's common

could you believe that some people actually like it like that? me personally, i value privacy and few good real life friends more than 10000 casuals. i have no social network interaction. i never post my personal info... why? my life is full more than enough as it is. even this forum posting is just casual break while working. in my spare time, i wouldn't even think to look at computer when i want to converse with people. hell, i think i'd rather have


expecting insults for explanation? hopefully not from me, i doubt i gave that impression.

the only people that get me pissed off are people who attack others by using insults rather than disputing their argument. but i think i explained clearly what my belief is

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