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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you were, you know, living your lives, you've probably missed it, but old fires are burning brightly once again: there's somewhat of a falling-out going on between KDE and GNOME, with Canonical siding squarely with... KDE. The issue seems to revolve around GNOME's lack of collaboration, as explained by KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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RE[6]: Desktop Linux
by smitty on Mon 14th Mar 2011 07:27 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Desktop Linux"
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KDE4 is what you get when a bunch of hackers with no UI experience or taste try to innovate

I am not sure about that. What I am sure of is that open source developers should never forget their users.
The average computer user is not a geek. And even geeks often prefer to get something easy, so that they can be as productive as possible, without effort (from personal experience, from many friends who abandoned Gentoo or Slackware for something more user friendly.
In my experience, non-geeks like KDE4 just fine. It's the hard core KDE3 lovers who can't stand it. They definitely tend to fall in the geek camp, more often than not. And of course, lots of Gnomers - some of them are geeks and some not, but their defining trait is more about loving Gnome than anything else. It wouldn't matter what KDE did, they wouldn't be satisfied.

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RE[7]: Desktop Linux
by MamiyaOtaru on Mon 14th Mar 2011 07:53 in reply to "RE[6]: Desktop Linux"
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It's the hard core KDE3 lovers who can't stand it.

Guilty. I still don't have KDE4 on my machine

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