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In the News "A major new report from a consortium of academic researchers concludes that media piracy can't be stopped through 'three strikes' Internet disconnections, Web censorship, more police powers, higher statutory damages, or tougher criminal penalties. That's because the piracy of movies, music, video games, and software is 'better described as a global pricing problem'. And the only way to solve it is by changing the price."
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RE: generation 'entitlement'
by _txf_ on Tue 15th Mar 2011 01:57 UTC in reply to "generation 'entitlement'"
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So what... a ferrari sports car is ten times more expensive in poor countries relative to income. Does that mean that the ferrari is incorrectly priced?

In poorer countries there is a far greater disparity between the rich and the poor. The rich in such countries are just as rich as any person that can afford a Ferrari.

But these are practical solutions. In poorer countries land/house etc prices are lower otherwise everybody would be homeless, why not consumer media?

Basically you're saying "F**k you, you don't earn enough so piss off"...and so they do...straight to piracy. The article points out due to unfair pricing no amount of beating with the stick is going to reduce piracy; they need to start using carrots too.

You're saying because they are poorer then they shouldn't enjoy the some of the life that you have?

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